DDM Patient Portal

If you are a patient at our practice, you have the ability to manage your care online. The Patient Portal should be used for non-emergent situations only. In emergent health situations you should contact your health provider or dial 911.

By enrolling in this service you’ll be able to do the following online:


  • Send and receive non-urgent messages and information from your doctor’s office, including test results and educational material
  • Easily notify the practice of changes to your personal information, including phone number, address, and insurance changes
  • Request a refill for a medication prescribed by a provider at the practice
    View upcoming and previous appointments, including the doctor and location of those appointments
  • View and/or print your current medications and allergies list


The Patient Portal provides you with secure, online access to portions of your medical records, as well as an easy and convenient way to communicate with the practice through a secure internet connection. The Patient Portal helps you take a more active role in your healthcare. Our front office will provide you with a personal activation code. You will be prompted to fill out some basic personal information, as well as create a login name and password. Enter your name and date of birth exactly as it appears on the form provided by our front office. You will be able to make changes to your personal information once your portal account has been activated.

Please be as thorough as possible when filling out your personal information and medical history. This saves time and helps us to provide you the best medical care possible.


In order to have a patient portal account you will need to already be a patient at this practice. To activate your account, you will need to receive an activation code from us. Once you have received the code, you will be able to create your own username, password, and other login information used to verify your identity. If you would like to activate your portal account, please contact the office to receive your activation code.